Saturday, 14 December 2013

English Poetry For You

English Poetry For You

My Grandmother?s Hands they are very nice
The hands which spank my butt only twice
Those hands that are so simple
Those hands which made my tears trickle
Hands which are powerful and strong
Those hands which have taught me right from wrong
Hands like I hadn?t seen before
Hands which are not needed anymore
Her voice is all that now needs to be heard
Because I have come to trust Grandmother?s word!!!

The wind howling with rage
slamming window’s shutters open.

I know the colorful earth is mine
But I am fully unfit for it
There is moon glow, sun shine
Noting is fine what’s looks fine

The moons a big white football,
The suns a pound of butter, 
The earth is going round the twist,
And I’m a little nutter,

The old mill long had closed its doors
the rotting wheel would turn no more
no grain to grind, no country stores
where old men sat, told stories, swore…

When You fall in Love with someone,
Don’t think just start enjoying it.
Because after some time.
You will not be in position to enjoy anything.

I was moving with a couple of thoughts
Straight to the market with steady trots
Hustle bustle of the market shaked my head
To bring a doll, that she loved the best
Or was it a hat, on which she protest

the other day, while fencing my heart,
i chanced upon an impossible dream,
it rose, in beauty, on feet of hope
and embraced a teardrop out of me?

I love you Sweetie, with all my heart,
I know never in our lives we?ll be apart?